What is the meaning of the King of Thieves tattoo pattern?

 Among the many tattoo enthusiasts, quite a few choose cartoon anime tattoos, such as Pikachu, Totoro, Kitty Cat are popular, often such people have a childish heart. Because cartoons and anime are one of the best childhood companions that everyone has.

Recently, some netizens asked the editor about the meaning of the King of Thieves tattoo, here today to explain it to you.

  King of Thieves is believed to be the most familiar anime to many post-90s, and is still on air today. It's a pirate-themed anime that's always been loved by a lot of people, just like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and maybe what people love is this adventurous spirit of pirates.

  King of Thieves tattoos are often tattooed in the image of characters from the King of Thieves, and those who choose King of Thieves tattoos wish they could remain children forever, while at the same time wishing they could be an adventurer on the ocean.

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