What is the meaning of the tattoo of the feathered swallow?

Among the various tattoo patterns, feather tattoos are one of the very common materials that can be tattooed by both male and female tattoo enthusiasts. And feather tattoos can be tattooed small and fresh, as well as shocking and domineering.

Many people have added a lot of innovation and creativity to feather tattoos, such as the feathered swallow tattoo pattern, which has also been relatively hot material in recent years.

  The feather tattoo itself symbolizes a simple and pure heart and tough character, as well as nobility and gentlemanliness. The feathered swallow tattoo adds some dreamy color to this base, with light feathers floating out of the head or tail of the beautiful swallow, also speaking of the best combination of swallow tattoo and feather tattoo.

  Like feather tattoos, feather tattoos are not only a favorite tattoo material for girls, but can also be tattooed on men.

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