20 wolf tattoo ideas and their different meanings

 It is one of the most requested tattoos by men in the animal style. However, wolves also have a feminine dimension that appeals to women. Fierce, dreamlike and fantastic, the wolf (wolf in English) is a symbolic animal. Depending on the culture, its meaning changes. Discover all the facets of this animal and drawing ideas for inspiration.

The origin of the wolf

This animal is very ambivalent. It is reputed to be very solitary while being with its clan, its pack. We know the scary animal from the tales of our childhood read in family. In the stories, the wolves attack everyone: men or women. They also have another, slightly mystical dimension in the world. In some novels or films, the man or woman becomes a wolf at the full moon. This time when the wolf is a scary character is over. From now on, in new stories to be read with the family, the wolf loses its threatening aspect. Wolves become vegetarian, fearful or just want to sympathize with other animals. They almost look like a human person with feelings. Gone is the image of the carnivorous wolf ready to devour women or men. It is one of the animals that have multiple facets. This is why it fascinates as much as it frightens. In some cultures, it is given a spiritual dimension. He would be a guide in life. He is a revered animal. Moreover at the creation of Rome, it is said that the two brothers Romus and Romulus were raised by a she-wolf.

The dense hair, the steely look, the design of the face make the wolf a very graphic drawing and appreciated by art lovers.

The wolf tattoo reserved for men? Not at all. Its poetic dimension is appreciated by women. His drawings are true works of art and their design appeals to women. Getting a wolf tattooed on your body is also a way to explore a darker side that we all have. As for its fierce aspect, it seduces women who can be too.

What if the wolf was a woman? Why not.

Discover the meanings of these 20 tattoos

The wolf with the blue steel eyes

Meaning: The black line of this tattoo is so intense that it gives the sensation of having been made with a pen. The blue eye is highlighted by the rest of the monochrome design. It seems with its eyes to pierce us and show our secrets. It symbolizes the knowledge of others and ourselves.

The wolf in geometric shapes

Meaning: Very graphic, it is an original way to pay tribute to this animal. It is the idea of the beauty of the wolf that is highlighted with this tattoo.

The colorful wolf

Meaning: Getting a tattoo of a very colorful wolf is a way to shake up preconceived ideas. The drawing catches the eye with its shimmering colors. The idea is precisely to attract the attention of his forearm to remind his existence.

The woman hidden in the wolf

Meaning: The woman is shown wearing another face, that of a wolf. This nice tattoo shows the complexity of people and reminds us to be wary of appearances. The wolf's face is surprisingly soft and the woman's face has a very determined piercing look.

The wolf and the moon

Meaning: There, the animal is howling at the moon. This tattoo has a real softness with its very fine black line and its pretty arabesques. It is very sensual.

The wolf in the wild

Meaning: The tattoo covers almost the entire upper arm. It represents the wolf in his natural environment with his fellow wolves (here a bear). There are many details as well as a contrast with the rose in red, which represents love, with the rest of the drawing celebrating the wilderness.

Half-wolf, half-woman face

Meaning: This drawing on the thigh is primarily feminist. It contrasts with Epinal's image of the gentle woman, because this half of the face is ready to attack. The wild dimension is not where we imagine it.


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