Hair color trends 2020

What if we took advantage of the fall to change our minds? Whether you just want to brighten up your hair or make a radical change of head, you'll probably find your happiness among the trendy colorations of autumn-winter 2020/2021!

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While we can still enjoy the sun and heat of summer, the return to school is also fast approaching. What if it's time to change and go for a new hair color? This year many hair trends invaded the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Sometimes sober, sometimes extreme, there's something for everyone! Here's a little overview of the colors that will give your hair a boost this season.

Red hair

Red is the safe bet for the fall and once again, it will be very trendy this season 2019/2020. Just look at the Givenchy, Chanel and Loewe fashion shows to be sure. All shades of red will be in the spotlight. For example, light skins will opt for coppery while light reds and Venetian blondes will be perfect for tanned complexions. Mahogany or auburn will suit all skin tones, so you can be sure you're not mistaken.

Cherry red

Cherry red is one of the most modern reds, it will allow you to give a flamboyant side to your hair. You might think it's hard to assume, but red is actually a color that suits all skin tones and eye colors. Your Morello cherry hair will give you a wild look for a sparkling fall.

Chocolate Brown

At once soft, warm and very flattering for all skin colors, chocolate brown is a real must-have for the fall season. Seen on the catwalks of Chanel, ChloƩ and Prada, it is back in force this year. If you let yourself be tempted by this color with shimmering reflections that will give relief to your hair, your hair will be perfectly in the air of time, without taking risks.

Pastel Pink

If pastel is often associated with summer, touches of light pink also invite themselves in our hair this fall. To brighten your mane gently, we don't hesitate to opt for pastel. But beware, we obviously bet on subtlety to avoid falling quickly into too much. We will then prefer pretty reflections to give character to our hairstyle.

Caramel highlights

To add shine to hair this fall, we're putting some light into it by choosing caramel highlights! Perfect for brunettes to give relief to your hairstyle, especially if you're betting on a layered cut. It's also a good way to keep your hair in sunny tones to let the summer last a little longer.

Platinum blond

Already a trend for several seasons, platinum blond will remain in the spotlight during the fall season. This feminine and sensual color is not reserved for pale complexion blondes, everyone can take the plunge. If you like platinum with black roots, this fall seems to be the perfect time to assume its femme fatale side.


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