Makeup Trends for Autumn-Winter 2020-2021

 How can we wear make-up this autumn-winter despite our masked faces? Smoky-eyes, nude mouth... what will be tomorrow's trends? 

 Make-up trends for autumn-winter 2020-2021

The cool season is approaching fast... It's time to reveal and decipher the makeup trends for Fall/Winter 2020-2021. On the program? Dark on the eyes as they become the stars of makeup under the mask, a made-to-measure complexion and a nude or colored mouth.

1. An intensely smoky look

With the obligatory wearing of the mask, the eyes become more intense. It is the only area of the face that we see, so it must attract all the attention. "The colors that we found on the lips last year type burgundy, brown ... we find them this year on the eyes" explains Charly Barbier, training manager Nars and Laura Mercier. The eyes become dark, almost smoky with matte eye shadows. The black or brown pencil can underline the lash line or the mucous membrane according to your desires. We add "a lot, a lot" of volumizing and extra-black mascara to darken the look. And for this make-up to survive a day without moving, "we apply a base, anti-dark circles or even a veil of loose powder on the eyelids" advises Charly Barbier. 

2. A light but corrected complexion

The over-painted complexion is no longer in vogue, it is all lightness. On the other hand, if one makes up the eyes intensely, it is essential to make its complexion. Charly Barbier advises us to "use only an anti-dark circle/corrector to locally blur imperfections or to apply a foundation without transfer that will resist humidity and heat under the mask".  The highlighter is always applied to the cheekbones, but it is placed higher up for a guaranteed lifting effect. 

Foundation: apply it like a pro and choose the ideal shade.

Too dark, too light, too thick... The quest for the perfect foundation is sometimes part of the fighter's journey. To choose it according to your skin type and apply it like a pro, here's all you need to know.

3. Nude or colored lips

This season the nude mouth is making a comeback! Even if it never really disappeared...

So we bet on an excellent lip balm. In addition to its nourishing side, it will deposit a very subtle glossy veil which will be associated very well with a sustained glance. To seduce yourself or to go out, "we dare the matt liquid lipstick that will bring a very long lasting hold" says Charly Barbier, training manager Nars and Laura Mercier. In terms of shades, we use rosewood, pinkish beige or carmine, a very autumnal red-brown. 

Mask and lipstick: how not to abandon it forever?

Wearing the mask obliges, we have had to abandon our favorite lipsticks for a few months now. But in the end, couldn't mask and lipstick make a good match?

This year, we celebrate the "less is more", we only keep the essential by putting less material and less products on the skin. We're also abandoning glitter and false eyelashes in favor of smoky eyes, a mysterious touch.


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