When the pastel trend takes over tattooing, we love it!

 From lilac to water green through sky blue, powder pink or pale yellow, pastel colors have taken over this year's trend! In your hair, your makeup, your clothes, and maybe soon even engraved on your skin, these soft, delicate and refreshing shades have everything to please. Vibrant, they bring color, light and cheerfulness to those who choose to wear them. In this article, we reveal all the secrets of pastel tattooing. You hesitated to succumb to it? Know that you will find here something to inspire you and much more.

Zoom on the pastel tattoo

A tattoo in black ink? Too little for you who only dream of color and subtlety! Have you ever thought about a pastel tattoo? More original and discreet than a classic colored piece, it is one of the most appreciated possibilities.

Know that pastel shades are to tattooing what watercolor is to painting, so if you are a fan of this soft and refined technique, the pastel tattoo can only satisfy you. On the skin, gradation of light colors and transparency intermingle. It is in all delicacy and without making too much of it that the pastel tattoo will dress the zone that you will want to destine to him.

The pastel tattoo, who does it suit?

This style of tattoo is perfectly suited for those who wish to do it gently and discreetly, while remaining original. However, an ink with such a particular color is still much more suitable for light skins than dark skins, on which it does not stand out and may go completely unnoticed. In short: if you have a white to golden complexion, then you can let yourself be tempted by pastel. On the other hand, if your skin is darker, you'd better forget this style of tattoo which is less adapted to you.

The specificities of a pastel tattoo

The lightness of its colors and the absence of black contours are certainly what gives the pastel tattoo this aspect so characteristic and appreciated. Unfortunately, it is also these specificities that make its aging more difficult. On the one hand, because this type of color tends to lose its luster over the years, but also because the black ink - usually applied in outline - is also there to protect the tattoo and prevent the diffusion and therefore the attenuation of pigments.

In order to limit unpleasant surprises as much as possible, the quality of the colors used and the tattooist's technique are very important. So be careful not to entrust the realization of your pastel tattoo to just anyone. In any case, you will soon realize that many tattoo artists do not accept to do this kind of tattoos for the reasons mentioned above. Once engraved on your skin, you will also have to maintain it with all the more meticulousness, here are now some products which will be able to only facilitate this essential task to you.


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